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Conflikt 2010
By: Jenrose Meridith
A collection of photos from the con including
Alec, Betsy, Vixy & Tony and many, many

Eurofurence 14  2008
By: Tambako the Jaguar

Alec relaxing at NorwesCon 31
By: elfsternberg

Alec in concert at NorwesCon 31
By: elfsternberg

Connosance 2008
By: Michelle Pincus

Connosance 2008
By: didjiman

Alexander James Adams  2007
By: Capt. Benevento
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NorwesCon 2006
Tony's Photo Gallery
By: Tony Fabris of Vixy & Tony
Hmm.. Could this have maybe been a first
appearance of our dear Alec?
Photo of Alec at Faerieworlds with Tricky Pixie
By: Ryan Nutick
From the
Tricky Pixie Press Kit
Only on
Pacific Fen Spotlight
Conflikt 2010
Among many other wonderful tallents, J.C. once
again captured the Bard at his storyteling best at
Conflikt 2010

Alec at Rainfurest 2009

Rainfurest 2009
Review by J.C
Including Alec leading the Fur-suit "zombie" parade
and Alec singing "Animals all the Same" and
"Fang into veign".
Alec Adams Website
Tricky Pixie