Performance Art
Endangered Species
I have never done performance art before.
I decided to try my hand at it when contemplating the fact that smoking has become a disappearing phenomena in our culture. I grew up
in the 1970's where smoking was common everywhere. Now it seems it has been relegated to secret places or in your own home. And in
many states even that is under fire.
I am not a smoker, but I wondered how the public would react to someone carrying and "drawing" from a fake cigarette in all the places
in which smoking is verbotten. Just going about business as usual with a cigarette in her hand or "puffing" from it.

The prop piece was made from a
common 5/16 inch wood dowel  cut to
roughly 3 3/4 inches long. The body
was painted with white Testor's brand
model paint, the "filter" area was left
natural and rubbed with vanilla extract
to help cut down the taste of wood
during the performance. The red band
where the filter meets the paper was
hand drawn using a small tipped red ink

The ash end was shaped using a razor
knife. The ash effect was created by
charring the end using a candle flame.
(Do not try this at home!)
The whisps of black coming from the
ash area was a happy accident of the
angle I was holding the piece while
charring the end. I couldn't believe my

I sprayed the paper and ash end using
Testor's brand Dull Coat, to seal the
paint. The filter end was left natural as it
will be in my mouth during the
Concept, props and photos Cppyright (c) 2009
Shanawolf Studios
No use without written permission of the artist.
Concept, props and photos Copyright (c) 2009
Shanawolf Studios
No use without written permission of the artist.