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This is a fan site page dedicated to one of my most beloved entertainers. It is a pure labor of love.
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Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understand, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,
Heather and musicians from Eurofurance 11
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songs as much as I
do; please help
keep Heather's
music alive.

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This is the only remaining video
clip of Heather Alexander's
performance at Eurofurence 11 in
Nürnberg, 2005. (Filmed by the
EF Video Crew, Edited by
BigBlueFox, Sound Mix restored
from the multitrack recording by
Cheetah in 2012) It was an
unplanned encore, and it took the
band, who hadn't rehearsed for
this song, quite by surprise :)
But, being true musicians, they
aced it. Next to Heather
Alexander you can see some of
the musicians who would later
start the Fauna Project: Rajan on
Guitar, Taibu on Bass, Axel at
the Drums.