Heather Alexander, Cat Tayler, Mark Ungar, Larry the O, and John Land
Keepers of the Flame
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Last modified: April 10, 2013
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This is a fan site page dedicated to one of my most beloved entertainers. It is a pure labor of love.
Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understand, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,
Keepers of the
is no longer available
from any legitimate
source except possibly
the used music market.

Heather's original
CDs can be
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King of Elfland's Daughter
In the late 80’s, Heather began to
experiment with blending her
original compositions, electric
instruments and traditional Celtic
music, which led to the formation of
Phoenyx, her first Celtic Fusion
band. Together, they performed
original and traditional music with a
solid rock and roll sound, eventually
producing one album, Keepers of
the Flame, which was released on
Heather’s own label, Sea Fire
Productions, Inc., early in 1990.
Both the album and the band
achieved a high degree of local
popularity, and fame. In 1991, when
Phoenyx disbanded, Heather
returned to her acoustic roots and
embarked on a solo career.

(Excerpt from Heather's official Biography  
originally at
the old Heatherlands website
whose domain name has since changed
hands and is no longer associated with
Heather or SeaFire Productions.
The Phoenyx Story
Keepers of the

Copyright © 1991
Sea Fire Productions, Inc.

1. Banish Misfortune,
Lark in the Morning
2. King of Elfland's  
3. Cat and the Fiddle
4. Marley O'Reilley
5. Voices of the Sea
6. Creature of the Wood
7. Stormbringer
8. Musical Priest,   
Butterfly, Swallowtail Jig
9. Black Unicorn
10. March of Cambreadth
11. Up in the Loft
12. Concentration
13. Yo Ho
Creature of the Wood
Yo Ho!
Black Unicorn
Over the last several
years, OK many years,
since Keepers of the
Flame was released
there have been rumors
and pleadings that the
album be re-released.

In May of 2010, during a
brief bout of personal
excitement by your
humble hostess at the
prospect of such a thing
Prometheus Music.
(Please see "More KOF Saga"
Below Left.)
I stirred up a
bit of a hornet's nest on
the AlexanderFans Live
Journal group.

In response Alec has
given his final take on
the prospect.


Kore Bromelli of Sea
Fire Productions has
graciously given
permission for me to
re-print her posting to
AlexanderFans Live
Journal group of Alec's
official position on the

Please see below:
Keepers of the Flame
2010-05-11 06:28 am UTC (link)

Sorry all of you hopefuls out there
for a reprint. It will not happen
without major renegotiations. The
amount of work the Bard put into
that album musically would not be
compensated in any fair
fashion--the band wants an equal
split in proceeds, when the Bard
put in the largest effort. Plus,
songs on that CD that belong to
Heather Alexander/Sea Fire
Productions have gone on to a
career separate from the band,
and the Bard feels that the other
band members simply want to
re-release songs such as March of
Either Sea Fire will be allowed to
one day publish the re-release
and negotiate fair royalties to the
other band members, or KOF will
simply remain out of print.


(Reprinted with permission from a post by Kore Bromelli on
AlexanderFans Live Journal Group)
More KOF Saga

As there are always two sides
to every story I feel it is
important to learn from both.

Eli Goldberg of
Music has asked that I link to
two pages on their website to
give the Prometheus
prospective on the re-release

First is the Prometheus site
statement regarding the
attempted re-release:
Statement on Keepers of the
Flame (Phoenyx) reprint

The next is a post Eli made to
the AlexanderFans Live
Journal Group:
Our Keepers of the Flame
re-release effort: a second
My final thoughts;

For those of us who continue to love and embrace this grail-stone of early modern Celtic Rock,
the understandings from all sides only make the story more rich in its entirety.

Considering that a rare unopened copy of the original CD went for several hundred dollars on    
e-bay in mid 2010, the value, quality and influence of this work can not be underestimated, either
by we the fans of Heather, Cat, Mark, Larry and John, nor by the larger explosion of celtic-fusion
since the release of Keepers of the Flame in 1991.
Much like the band Pentangle from England; Though slightly obscure, Phoenyx will continue to influence and inspire devotes, musicians
and listeners who stumble onto its path for a long, long time to come.

                                                                  Yours in music, Shanawolf.
Alec Adams/
Sea Fire Productions Website
Tricky Pixie