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Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understand, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,
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There are some interesting comments in
the discussion area and several photos in
the photo area including some from Philip
Obermark (Heather's former Husband) from
their personal collection, and even a few
Alec pictures thrown in for good measure..

Eurofurence 12  2006
By: vovchychko

Faerieworlds  2006
By; Mobyd46

ConFusion  2006
By: Braider

Red Headed Celtic Music
by: Dave Hogg 2006
<-- This is the pic to the left on this page.

Washington State Renaissance Fair
Heather's pic  is the third row down.

Eurofurence 11  2005
By: Kirstin Tanger

Unnamed Renaissance Fair 2005
By: Olaf_Thunderfoot

Hazel's Picture Gallery
by: Chaz :Hazel"Boston Baden
Pics from: CopperCon 21  2001 and
Cascadia Con 2005

OryCon 19   1997
by: Charles DeVore
Heather is in the pic at the bottom of the

OryCon 19  1997
by: Dean Koenig
Heather playing with Golden Bough
Their pics are near the bottom of the page
and the lighting is not so good.

NorwesCon  2006
Tony's Photo Gallery
By: Tony Fabris of Vixy & Tony
Hmm.. Heather looking an awfull lot like
someone we would all come to know and
love, again :)

Heather in Maxi's Lounge
BayCon 15  1997
By: Joe & Salley Smith

Conifur  2004
By: Solsta Lynn

A picture of Heather and Philip
on Crossover.net
Dan Ochipinti                        Andrew Hare                      Heather Alexander
AKA: Uffington Horse
At CascadiaCon - Heinlein Banquet (04-Sep-2005)

Photo By: Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden (c) 2005
-Posted with Hazel's very kind permission-
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