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Arms of the Sea
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Last modified: May 23, 2012
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This is a fan site page dedicated to one of my most beloved entertainers. It is a pure labor of love.
My business, Shanawolf Studios, does sell Heather and Alec's music CDs at events, shows and
conventions. If you wish to purchase their albums on line I suggest going directly through Sea Fire
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Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understand, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,
As of May 2012, there are yet no AMVs of any of the songs from
this album in You Tube or elsewhere.
If you love these
songs as much as I
do; please help
keep Heather's
music alive.

The original CDs
can be purchased

Sea Fire
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Arms of the Sea
Sea Fire Productions Inc.

1 Arms of the Sea
2 South Australia
3 Morning Glory
4 Saucy Sailor
5 Churn Down Columbia
6 Loch Tay
7 Shenandoa
8 Julia Delaney/
                WOP Jamboree
9 Ale House Hornpipes
10 The Boatman
11 Mingulay Boat Song
12 Sailor's Advice