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Last modified: October 10, 2009
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This is a fan site page dedicated to one of my most beloved entertainers. It is a pure labor of love.
My business, Shanawolf Studios, does sell Heather and Alec's music CDs at events, shows and
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Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understand, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,
This will probably be the hardest album to come up
with AMVs or any such thing for.

For we fans of Heather, this release is more than just
her singing her songs; this was our last chance to hear
the great Lady before she slipped the mortal world and
went to rejoin the Land of Fey.

Perhaps as years go by and her absence has become
softened, a few might considder trying to do justice to
the songs of this album. In a part of my heart, I hope not.

Heather herself had a DVD recording done of her last
show. Like so much of her work, it too is available
through Sea Fire Productions. I honestly think that is the
best representation of who and what Heather was all
about, and how these songs should be seen.

Heather and I share many things in common, one being
that, as Scorpios and followers of a more magickal path,
we both have secrets we prefer to keep close to the
vest. This is one album I truly think should be kept
pretty much a secret, sort of something for we devoted
fans of the great Lady, our Bard, as a loving testiment
and memory to who she was and what she brought to
our lives.

You have seen these little boxes in the upper right hand
corner all through the pages of this site. A simple set of
words expressed over and over. An expression of
gratitude for all she did, for all she was, and for the
wonderful inspiration she and her works were and
continue to be for me personally. Had it been otherwise,
this site would not exist.

If you have not really read the little boxes  I invite you
to do so now, as it is my personal thank you to our
If you love these
songs as much as I
do; please help
keep Heather's
music alive.

The original CDs
can be purchased

Sea Fire
Productions Inc.

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tip pot!
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Sea Fire Productions

1 Everafter
2 Emerald Green
3 Voices of the Sea
4 Without my Shaddow
5 Dark Visions
6 Playthings Past
7 Undertakers From
8 By Being Close
9 Lifetime of Song
10 Making of My Own
11Fire When Ready
12 Life's Flame
13 They Are Coming
Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understsnd, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,