Welcome to my little home on the net.
Shana's Den
- Just a little note about your hostess -

On the net, at cons and in fandoms I am best known as Shanawolf.

I am an amateur artist, writer, philosopher, musician, singer,
song-writer, poet, SCAdian, Furry, Pony and filker.

Though this is hardly unique for the web, I am simply interested
in putting my works out there for people to see.
Just another voice in the wilderness if you please.

If you like it' - fine, If you don't, fine.

What I am trying to do here, though not my original intent, is to
become a portal to all my favorite things on the net.

Goofy things, interesting things, cool (at least to me) things you
might not otherwise find.

A one stop shop for independent schtuff.

So please, Enjoy!