You bet your ass!
OK kittens.. this one is for you.    Youth is not forever.

No matter how fun it is to be young and have all the world before you, before you know it, it will be in the rear view

Life happens fast.    It happens while you are doing other things.    Its happening now as you are reading this.

This is not a bad thing, not at all... as long as you realize this, understand it, accept it, plan for it, and most importantly,

Does life really start at 40? No. This is propaganda started by aging baby boomers in the 80's and 90's when they
realized their "trust no one over 30" thing was starting to apply to them.

If your life
starts at 40, you're screwed. You spent way too much of your time doing other things you probably weren't
supposed to and now the piper is asking for his hat and fee.   But if you are over 40 you already know this, so, sorry.

That being said, life doesn't end at 40 either. I don't feel that much different than I did at 16 or 21.

I am slower, some things hurt more than they used to, but all in all I am pretty much the same person.

The greatest difference is the fact that with age, and time on my side, I've come to have the confidence in myself I
never had in my youth.

I do things because I want to. I don't play to the crowd. I don't do it "because I should" or "I'm supposed to", and that
includes rebellion.

Sometimes we are rebels without a clue. We want to shake off the world and be ourselves, but we have no clue who
we are. We want to fight the system and "the man", but we have no clue what the system is or  where to find "the man".

We pick up the latest causes, scowl at the right people, listen to "the" music, wear "the" clothes.. all of which are
supposed to display our angst with the world and our selves.
                                                                                Just another form of sheeple.

Eventually, if you're lucky, you learn to be yourself in a crowd; whichever crowd that happens to be.

You learn who you are; And that my little lambs is where wisdom truly is.

Only time can give you the perspective to really see yourself. And if you find yourself in your 30's thinking.." I really
don't like where I am", then there is time to begin to change things to a new direction.

If you find yourself there after the big 4 0 then it's sort of "**it or get off the pot". Not that it can't be done.. it just takes
more effort, harder to move things in your life.. But if this is where you are, then this is where you start.. even if it's 70.

Be open to new things, new experiences, new surroundings, new people.. I truly believe death stalks the stagnant;
Easier pray I suppose.

Most important of all is just Do! What ever it is you've been putting off for someday... do.. Any of your "I wish I hads.."
If it is still available.. and still desirable; do it...   If it isn't, then forget it. It just isn't worth your mental or emotional time

Yes, 40 can be a ball, all it takes is the right attitude.

Stay young at heart, play when you can, and tell the "adults' to go get stuffed.

(So sayeth the Wolfess.)


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February 24, 2009
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