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1 Hard Hats Required
2 Obey safety directions
3 Watch for low flying Pegasai
4 Especially watch out for a grey low flying Pegasus with a yellow mane and odd eyes. She means well, but is danger prone
5 Unicorn Magic in use, please use precautions
6 Beware of random Pinkie Pie events. It could happen. After all, it is Pinkie Pie.
7 Under absolutely NO circumstances shall the three fillies known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders be allowed on property, and especially not
around power tools. If seen contact security at once; the CMC, not the power tools. They belong here.
8 If Princess Celestia asks, we are completely neutral. (NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC FOREVER!)
9 Twilight Sparkle, princess and eventual queen of everything is best pony. (Actually its Fluffle Puff, but don't tell her highness I said that.)
10 If you see the nurses, tell them I went that way..  or was it that way?? Oh well, it's been fun.
                                                                                                                          Oh yeah.. and bark, bark, bark.. ;)
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