SOGEN 2013
                                                                                          SOGEN Con 2013
                                                                                        My Little Pony Panel
                                                                                             By Shanawolf

                                                                                               Music Played

  Songs                                                             Artists

Aloe & Lotus                                               EveningStar                           

No Place Like Ponyville                             Awkward Marina                          

Sweet Apple Acres                                     Replacer and Feather                     
Sweet Apple Acres                                     MandoPony                        

Swing! Tavi Swing!                                    Joaf the Loaf                       

Lost on the Moon                                        EileMonte                         
The Living Tombstone         
Glaze - Wooden Toaster                                

Back in the Day                                          Yelling at Cats                  

Magic Dance                                               AndI and Adgee                       

Party With Pinkie                                      AlexS                                 

A Long Way From Equestria                     MandoPony                                   

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Hasbro, My Little Pony                   

The HUB, My Little Pony                

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Everfree Network                     Original Programming        

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