Shana's DenTM
    October 10, 2009

    Dear valued readers, visitors and friends,

    You will notice that within the last few months Shana's Den has been going through sort of a growth

    This is due to many reasons, but prime among them is the plethora of new things being put out in the
    media sharing sites.

    I decided that I should probably make my intentions and positions known on this subject so there are
    no misunderstandings.

    First of all, I don't make a dime off this website. I am also not affiliated in any way with the folks,
    institutions or businesses mentioned here in. I do this out of love and probably a bit of narcissism. But
    mostly out of love, especially for those folks and subjects that have become my passions. Yes, I am a
    rabid fangirl.

    Regarding my use of AMVs etc.. Ok, here is the thing: They are out there and many of them are not
    only very good, but also are the only examples of what they show known to exist, such as Heather's
    concert in Las Vegas. That is priceless, and I am so happy and thankful for all those who provide such

    That being said, I am very afraid that a lot of folks are using these sites to enjoy the music, videos and
    content as they are, with no remuneration back to the original artists. This infuriates me. These artists
    have put blood, sweat, treasure, tears, and years of their lives into their craft and work. Most of those
    posted are independents and fringers. Folks who love what they do but certainly aren't becoming rich
    off their efforts.

    This is why I have become a one stop clearing-house of information on my favorite artists. They are
    not paying me to do this, I am not sponsored by them, nor have I been asked to do this. I do it because
    I love what they do. But also, on every page where I have content, I try as best I can to link to the
    artist's pages, their production and distribution company's pages and anything else I can find to put
    you, the viewer, in contact with how to pay the piper for the pleasure of your dance.

    I really don't want to sound like a PBS pledge drive, but, if you truly appreciate what you see, not just
    here, but anywhere in the world, on the net, on the radio, at a free concert.. buy their CD's, buy their
    stuff.. Pay hard cash and take home a piece of them. That is how they make their living. That is how
    they pay to travel to gigs, buy their groceries, make the next album, and put shoes on their kid's feet. It
    isn't free folks. If you want them to make more.. buy what they have or it disappears. And when you
    own a copy, it is yours forever.

    Another thing. The artists are letting this stuff stay on these sites. Yes, it is good advertising, yes it
    gets their name and work out there. But if you keep listening to them only on these sites and not buying
    their stuff, eventually they may have to pull the plug and invoke their rights under copyright laws. I
    know.. "grumble, grumble, the net should be free.." but momma wolf is only telling you the truth. And
    I would much rather have nothing to put into this website and know these artists are getting paid, than
    have an archive of stuff for an artist who is flipping burgers or working 9-5 in an office and no longer

    Lastly. Don't rip this stuff off! Don't bootleg, make copies, play the music into microphones hooked up
    to old cassette players.. Just don't!  These artists have nice little CDs, DVDs and MP3s for you
    kiddies to buy legally. It helps them, it helps you.. everybody's happy, and Johny Law has no need to
    know who you are or to look through your cupboards.

    Please folks, if they are worth listening to more than a few times, they are worth supporting.

    Just my humble opinion,


    PS: If you are someone who is in charge of an event or happening.. why not book your favorite
    independent band or my be cheaper and easier than you think.. Just a thought.. ;)

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