My interest in fire arts was sparked purely by accident.

Becoming a fan of S.J. Tucker and Kevin K. Wiley, put me in touch with these
ancient arts and I was mesmerised.
Last Update: November 29, 2009
Fire performance is a deadly serious endevour.

Those who perform them are backed up by strict protocols, a team of trained
support people, safety equipment, and a ton of preperation.

I know this gets said over and over but in this case especially:


If you feel a calling to this form of performance art; learn, research, train cold
(without flame or fuel) and learn from an experienced performer.

For more information:
North American Fire Arts Association - NAFAA
National Fire Prevention Association - NFPA

Safety First- Always!
* Fire Arts *
Dance - Poi - Pole - Fans - Flame
(Safety first and always)
Sooj captured exactly the way I and so many others feel. Enjoy.
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