Last Update: February 08, 2010
Fire performance is a deadly serious endevour.

Those who perform them are backed up by strict protocols, a team of trained
support people, safety equipment, and a ton of preperation.

I know this gets said over and over but in this case especially:


If you feel a calling to this form of performance art; learn, research, train cold
(without flame or fuel) and learn from an experienced performer.

For more information:
North American Fire Arts Association - NAFAA
National Fire Prevention Association - NFPA

Safety First- Always!
* Fire Arts III *
Dance - Poi - Pole - Fans - Flame
(Safety first and always)
Sailormesha: Her First Burn
A note from your friendly
neighborhood wolfess
This is a fan site page. Neither it nor Shanawolf are affiliated with any of the above mentioned persons
or businesses in any way save for freindship and love for what they do.

Video from:
On You-Tube

She is an amateur spinner who has
recently gone to live fire.

Proof that with practice, patience and
help from another spinner, you can
graduate to live-fire safely.

Thank you sm for allowing me to post
your videos.

Happy Spinning!
Sailormesha: Her Second Burn That Night