Life Observations by your lovely hosess, Shana Wolf
No. 1
Life sux.

This is not meant to be a trite statement.
Life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Everyone wants your time, money,
attention, body, mind, soul, wallet, car keys, sanity, etc...

Businesses pay top dollar for professionals who spend their entire careers figuring how best to
do the above without your knowledge and even worse, scheme to make you think good
thoughts about the whole process.

Politics? Same thing, just transpose BS mongers for Businesses and you get the point.

*Democrat or Republican? Think Coke and Pepsi, Ford and Chevy, Mac or PC, Paper or
plastic ..

They are both playing for the same market, and play off each other to give the impression of
choice and competition.

Friends, partners, spouses, co-workers, kids, parents, bosses, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,
your dog - cat - fish
(OK fish, not so much.) - horse - guinna pig - iguana; they all want the same
from you; granted, for probably more benign reasons than the above, but they still seek your
attentions and favor and often our obligations to them take precedence in our lives to our own
selfish desires.

This is the Human Condition.

As natural and old as recorded history and probably way into the wayback machine.

It is immutable. It will not change.

The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can get on with our lives.

It does not impress us.

And whining about it only makes you out for the spoiled little thing you have become.

Deal with it; own it; make it your slave!

To know these things gives you power over them.
Commercials become meaningless; speeches irrelevant, except to know the plans of those who
seek power over you; Your boss' needs become your entrepreneurial offerings to your
customer -, Your family and friends you accept for who they are.

Solution No. 1
Life is what we say it is!

*Sorry folks, I live in the U.S.A., use the appropriate bodies or organizations for your country's governmental structure, etc... same thing,
different address.

(c) 2009-2011 S.D. Wilson-Smathers All Rights Reserved
These are my own personal associations.
Yours may differ. I hope they do.

Please feel free to create your own set of
lists, rules, observations, what have you..

DO create your own set of rules.
I encourage it.

Challenge your own assumptions.

Figure out what you really believe;
What you hold as truth, and why.

Once you know your truths, your core
values; only then can you know yourself.

When you know these things; be true to