Life Observations by your lovely hosess, Shana Wolf
No. 2
You are the Center of Your Own Universe.

Think for a moment. No one else in the history of the universe has ever looked through your
eyes, lived your past, or seen existence from your vantage point - and no one ever will..

Let that soak in.

You can have two grains of sand so alike they are
virtually indistinguishable; but a human life
and experience is remarkably unique in time, experience, relationship, and most importantly -
perspective. How you see all this around you and how you let it affect your world. Your little
sliver of the cosmos
is yours and yours alone.         Think about that for a bit.

Now, here's the kicker. Everyone else is in the same boat. From the guy on the street corner to
the mom on the elevator, the farmer in the field,
the child at play, to the CEO in her office. All
are the center of their own private universe. No two alike. Whether from Ukraine, China,
Australia, Borneo, or Guam - no two are ever alike.

Your mind is a unique window on the universe - Don't waste it!

Solution No. 2
It's your universe. Have fun with it, enjoy it, share it, make it unique!
Just don't deprive others of theirs. Sort of a "do unto others situation", right?

(c) 2011 S.D. Wilson-Smathers All Rights Reserved
These are my own personal associations.
Yours may differ. I hope they do.

Please feel free to create your own set of
lists, rules, observations, what have you..

DO create your own set of rules.
I encourage it.

Challenge your own assumptions.

Figure out what you really believe;
What you hold as truth, and why.

Once you know your truths, your core
values; only then can you know yourself.

When you know these things; be true to