The Journey
Here I stand upon the precipice, a panorama before me.

I've struggled long and hard to climb the mountain of
childhood only to find a wonderful new horizon.

Which way shall I go? What shall I see?
Whom shall I meet along the way?
These questions and more flash through my mind.

The journey ahead is long and I look through my bulging
So many things have I collected, what do I wish to keep?
What must be put aside that I may collect on my journey
new trinkets and finds?

The path I shall take is infinite and the direction I take is
my own.
I only hope that when I reach the end of the trail I can
look back and say what a fantastically wonderful time I've

S.D. Wilson-Smathers aka. Shanawolf  (c) January 6, 1993 - 2013
All Rights Reserved
By: S.D. Wilson-Smathers aka. Shanawolf (c) 1993 - 2013