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Uffington Horse
Last modified: January 29, 2011
Thank you Heather, for
sharing yourself with us
for as long as you could.
I understsnd, but I will
still miss you.

Your sister in spirit,
Uffington Horse
The Demo Album

is no longer available
from any legitimate
source except possibly
the used music market.

Heather's original
CDs can be
purchased through:

Sea Fire
Productions Inc.

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tip pot!
The Music of

Copyright © 2004
Sea Fire Productions, Inc.

1. Enchantment
2. Camden Town
3. Fortune's Daughter
4. Animals all the Same
5. Pirate Bill and Squidly
6. Ichabod Crane
7. Yo Ho!
8. Fallen Angel
9. Black Unicorn
10. Never Loose Hope
11. Water's in the Hold
12. Uffington Horse
13. Rock and Gold
14. Black Unicorn
15. Up in the Loft
Black Unicorn       Track 14
Animals All The Same         Track 4
Uffington Horse
October 8, 2005
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This is a fan site page dedicated to one of my most beloved entertainers. It is a pure labor of love.
Camden Town       Track 2
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